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Learn How to Heal your Anxiety, depression and stress with simple effective NLP tools without using medication and unleash your true potential to live a happy, contented and fulfilling life.

Transform & Empower

Hear the Transformative Results by her Clients themselves.❤️

Transform & Empower

What Will You Gain in this FREE Session?


Building a positive mindset

I empowers individuals to shape their reality and live the life they truly desire Here’s a breakdown of the process and its benefits


Overcome Anxiety and depression

Empower yourself to conquer anxiety and depression through tailored strategies Transform your emotional well-being and reclaim a fulfilling life with expert guidance and support.


Over self doubt and get clarity of goals

Emerge stronger by defeating self-doubt. Find clarity in your aspirations with proven techniques. Reveal your true potential, banish uncertainty, and embrace a purpose-driven path.


Have happy and healthy relationships

Cultivate joy and wellness in your relationship. Nurture emotional bonds, effective communication, and mutual respect for a fulfilling and harmonious connection.


Experience Holistic transformation by working on body mind and spirituality

Embark on a comprehensive journey of change. Elevate mind, body, and spirit, fostering holistic transformation for a harmonious and enriched life.

Book a FREE Session With Me If You:

Lack confidence

Struggling with pattern of old habits

Anxious, confused and pulled in a million directions

Suffering from insomnia and past traumas

Unhappy with growth in professional life

Facing conflicts in Relationship

Facing conflicts in Relationship

Self-sabotage yourself

Tend to procrastinate & not able to achieve your goal

Transform & Empower

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These are the Results My Clients Have Been Getting

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Personalized TO YOUR NEEDS

1-v-1 Coaching Sessions

Stop pattern of overthinking

Release the need for control, embrace uncertainty, challenge negative thoughts, focus on the present moment, practice self-compassion, and trust in your abilities to overcome overthinking’s grip on your mind.

Art of having happy relationships

Embrace vulnerability, communicate sincerely, prioritize understanding, practice forgiveness, celebrate each other’s growth, and choose love daily—the art of cultivating happiness in relationships.

Learn to deal with anxiety, trauma and abuse etc

Discover your inner strength, and effectively deal with Anxiety, Depression, & Trauma while valuing your uniqueness and embracing self-care.

Awaken Your Infinite Potential

About Me

I am Anupriya . Other than being wife of a super supportive husband and mother to a lovely son I am also an engineer turned life coach.

I empower people to develop their self-worth and achieve their desired goals by rewiring their brains with very simple, easy and practical NLP tools and enabling them to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

I am also a counsellor in Hare Krishna TV.
Our minds can create prisons or palaces, abundance or scarcity. Let me be a part of your transformational journey where we say goodbye to anxiety and fears, one step at a time.


Your Questions Answered

Once you register here, you will get an email & whatsapp message of a Free bonus and a Form. After filling the form, you will get the link to book your time slot for your appointment.

Yes, once you register you will get 3 Bonues worth ₹3499/-absolutely Free.

You will get 1st Bonus in your registered email and the 2nd bonus on your registered whatsapp number and the Third Bonus during the Live Session with Life Coach Anupriya.

The duration of this FREE 1-1 session is 45 minutes.

Anyone can avail this FREE sesssion, who wants to get rid of repetitive patterns of stress, failure, anxiety, & depression.

Take Charge Of Your Anxeity and Fears

Embrace a Happier Life

5 daily practices to have fulfilling Relationship

12 easy tips and tricks to deal with Anger

Create protection shield guided Meditation

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