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Free Goal Manifestation Workshop

Transforming Aspirations into Achievements: Empowering Your Journey from Dreaming to Doing With Proven Techniques with N.L.P used by 30000+ individuals who are now living a successful and satisfactory life

Goal Manifestation Workshop

By Life Coach Anupriya, N.L.P Expert, Counsellor & Healer

1 Day Workshop


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Trupti gained confidence and clearity in life

What Will You Learn in this Powerful FREE Goal Manifestation Workshop

Get clarity of your Goals?

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Practical Tools & Exercises

Deep Dive into Subconscious Mind

Powerful Techniques to overcome obstacles

Identify and manage stressors related to Goal Pursuit

Watch these Amazing Success Stories

Mr. Shyam was able to overcome his anxiety and gain a clear understanding of his life goals.

Rajeev overcame his past trauma and got his confidence back in life and started journey towards his goal.

Anuj’s anxiety was relieved by Life Coach Anupriya, and he gained clarity on his goals.

Who Needs this Powerful Goal Manifestation Workshop

  • Professionals Facing Career Uncertainty:

    Individuals navigating career transitions or facing uncertainty in their professional lives can benefit from gaining clarity and confidence in setting and achieving their goals.

  • Students Managing Academic Pressure:

    Students grappling with academic pressures, such as exams, deadlines, or future career choices, can find relief and guidance in managing goal-related anxieties.

  • Entrepreneurs Striving for Business Success:

    Entrepreneurs and business owners aiming to grow their ventures may encounter stress and anxiety surrounding goal setting and achievement. This workshop offers tools to navigate these challenges effectively.

  • Individuals Seeking Personal Growth:

    Anyone on a journey of personal development who struggles with setting and reaching personal goals can find support and empowerment in this workshop.

  • Creatives Pursuing Artistic Dreams:

    Artists, writers, musicians, and other creatives facing obstacles in manifesting their artistic visions can benefit from overcoming goal-related anxieties to unleash their full potential.

  • Individuals Struggling with Self-Doubt:

    Those battling self-doubt and limiting beliefs that hinder their progress towards their aspirations can find empowerment and encouragement to overcome these barriers in the workshop.

What More is there in this FREE Goal Manifestation Workshop?

Free Bonuses worth ₹9000

Specialized LIVE session of 2 hours

In Hindi & English Both

Live Q&A with Lifecoach Anupriya

Look What Our Participants Telling About their Amazing Experience and Transformative Results

Vishal got amazing benefits in just 1 class

Nitin easily overcame fears in life

Rupali got rid of medications and healed anxiety

Kiranmai’s Panic attack & sleeping pills stopped

Ritampriya became master of her emotions

Natarajan’s old painful memory deleted in 10 mins

Darshan Mohan calmly handles his Office Problems now

Rohini successfully developed positive attitude towards life

Be the Happy You

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Awaken Your Infinite Potential

About Life Coach Anupriya

I am Anupriya . Other than being wife of a super supportive husband and mother to a lovely son I am also an engineer and A Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counselling (PGDPC) turned Life Coach.

I empower people to develop their self-worth and achieve their desired goals by rewiring their brains with very simple, easy and practical NLP tools and enabling them to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

I am also a counsellor in Hare Krishna TV.
Our minds can create prisons or palaces, abundance or scarcity. Let me be a part of your transformational journey where we say goodbye to anxiety and fears, one step at a time.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Once you register here, you will get the zoom link via Email & WhatsApp Message on the day of webinar. Please check the Spam and Promotions tab in your Inbox if the mail doesn’t land in your Primary tab.

    Yes, once you register you will get 3 Bonues worth ₹13000/-absolutely Free.

    This FREE Live workshop by Life Coach Anupriya will be in Hindi & English both.

    You will get 1st Bonus in your registered email and the 2nd bonus on your registered whatsapp number and the Third Bonus during the Live Workshop with Life Coach Anupriya.

    This 2-Hour workshop will start at 7 PM.


    Anyone who is interested in healing their anxiety & stress and transforming their life in all aspects. The workshop by Life Coach Anupriya can provide them with practical strategies and techniques to overcome repetitive patterns of stress, depression & anxiety and maximize confidence along with overall personality transformation amidst the demands of their busy lives.

    A learning mindset, your best-self, a notebook & pen to make a lot of notes along with a water bottle.

    This is a live workshop by Life Coach Anupriya. So no recordings will be provided.